4 walls web site design
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4 walls web site design
4 walls web site design web site designer web site designer web site designer web site designer web site designer web site designer 4 walls web site design
4 walls web site design
Web Site Design

There are many ways in which a web sites are made:
- Using Codes - tend to be basic in design and not appealing to clients but sometimes work well on search engines.
- Online Web Site Building - limited options, basic and not original.
- Templates - reasonable graphic layouts but can be restricting on options available.
- Flash Sites - Can be impressive but expensive to build and maintain, also search engines have difficulty in ranking.
- Cheaper Packages - Cheap in all sences of the word and can have unwanted advertising.

With algarveWEBdesign, your web site is tailor made to your requirments. Your market and competition are researched and a bespoke web site is designed specifically for you, with your future clients in mind. Impressive design with user-friendly navigation is our priority in all projects that we take on. Contact any of our client list for a reference.
Design & Creation

The most important aspect of any web site is that it connects with your potential clients. The design should appeal to what they are looking for and the site should be fast and easy to nagivate.This is a straight forward demand but so many websites still get it wrong.

Many people can build websites, only a few can design web sites.

A website should reflect who you are and what you do. It should show that you are serious, professional and better than your competition.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is getting a website ranked high on Google, Yahoo, etc.
It is not a straight forward process with the rules ever changing. A high ranking can be what makes or brakes a business, that is why SEO is such a large industry in itself. Some companies spend thousands a month on SEO. A quotation for a basic website can vary from €40 to €4000, depending on your competition and the company you use.

It can feel strange to hand over money for something so invisable, but without some SEO your site could stay invisable to Google. Basically the more competition you have the harder it will be to be ranked high. It can take up to six months for your site to be recogonised by the search engines, even more if you don’t have SEO and alot of competition.
Domain Names and Hosting

Domain names are web addresses that one will need to buy and re-new yearly. Many domain names have already been taken. A domain name should be the name of your business but if possible it should also be the keywords that people will use in the search engines.

Hosting is the rental of the space that your website will be located. It is re-newed once a year. Different hosting packages offer different services, packages and quality.

4 Walls Design hosting package offers you the highest quality system, with am excellent email setup and never goes offline.
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is getting your site located throughout the web in dominent places. Internet marketing can be:

- optimising your site for rankings
- advertising on free or paid directories
- creating monthly newsletters
- designing new product advertisments
- setting up a ‘pay per click’ campaign like Google Adwords.

To discuss further about Internet Marketing, contact 4 Walls Design.
Back Office (Database)

A back office system allows you to access, change and update your own site.

This system is ideal for websites that require alot of changes per month, like real estate or rentals websites. A Back Office System can add to the initial costs of building a web site but if it means that you are not calling and paying a designer to make every little change for you, then it may work out financially better in the long run.

Controlling and changing a Back Office System made by 4 Walls Design is as easy as logging on to your email, writing the text, making an attachment and sending.